Tree Pruning Sunshine Coast

Tree Pruning Sunshine Coast

Our Tree Pruning Services are available in the following areas:

Caloundra | Buderim | Landsborough | Wamuran | Woodford | Maleny | Montville | Morayfield | Caboolture | Palmview | Noosa | Bribie Island

Other areas may be serviced on request contact us.

Tree Pruning Sunshine Coast

Tree Pruning

KTU Tree Services provide tree pruning across all areas of the Sunshine Coast. Our professional tree pruning services can include cutting branches that encroach on your roof or obstruct your windows or gutters.

Sometimes branches need lopping as they may be interfering with your building façade or electrical cables. A large tree may need pruning back to avoid overhanging into the neighbour’s yard or public walkway.

Correctly pruning your trees now can help to stabilise the future weight of the tree, balancing the branches evenly to prevent the tree from falling over in years to come. This can include trimming the top of the tree crown or bracing the tree if necessary.

Tree Maintenance Packages

We offer a regular tree pruning maintenance package that can be used to trim new growth to train trees into desired shapes, creating a better tree structure to lessen wind resistance, reducing the potential for future storm damage.

Tree pruning by removing existing limbs or thinning out new branches can increase light penetration to promote healthy growth of both the tree and the lawn underneath. Established trees may be pruned to remove dead or weak branches that can pose a future hazard or can lead to decay. By removing diseased or insect-riddled branches we can often save trees.

If you are looking for an expert tree pruning service Keeping Trees Upright specialises in both Residential and Commercial Tree Pruning Services.

Tree Pruning

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